Secur3 System

Universal Solution

SECUR3 is a complete control system for elevators with serial communication and fully pre-wired.

A single set of boards, up to 32 stops, 3 m/s, from Simplex to Quadruplex without extra boards.

Suitable for any kind of installation: new elevators and modernizations, hydraulic or traction lifts: 2 speed and VVVF with asynchronous motor or brushless/gearless.

Removable user interface unit for the diagnostic, to display and set the parameters of the controller and the emergency battery drive. • Serial CAN bus connection from the controller to the car, to COP and LOP, to the inverter and to the emergency battery drive;

Opto-isolated safety circuit chain;

USB connection to update the software and back-up the parameters without PC;

Emergency device with standard brake release for MRL gearless systems; optional Emergency Rescue Device SEC-5 EBD for full emergency;

Speech unit and gong (EN81-70);

Remote monitoring and automatic alarming by SMS: I-LIFT

User access with iButton key and code, using the car operating panel;

Self-learning of the shaft with digital system: LIMAX o ELGO SAFE

Access code via COP.

Pre-wired components for fast and error free installation.

Wide range of COP and LOP