The Company

Falconi Group has been well known as reliable and expert of the elevator market for more than 50 years. Swiss agency for FIAM ELEVATORS in the 60’s with ASCENSA LIFT and pioneer in the UPS industry with IWATEC, in 1997 the group founded Securlift, a new step in technology and reliability for the lift equipment.

Securlift is a European leader in the design and manufacture of digital control panels, signalization and pre-wired systems for elevators.

The Company mission is to be the most innovative partner of the major European elevator companies


The company headquarters, together with the R&D and the production units are located in Switzerland, not far from the Italian boarder.

The first foreign branch of the company was created in Italy in 2002. The whole logistic for the Italian and EU markets is handled from this branch.

In 2008 Securlift opens its first show-room in the German Switzerland and nowadays more than 50000 lifts in Europe are equipped with Securlift components.

Quality and Ecology

Securlift is faithful to the Swiss principles of high quality and offers a reliable and durable product.

The pursued quality starts with a careful selection of the suppliers and their products, continues with a rigorous production process andends with computerized tests which guarantee the absence of defects and the perfect operation of the whole system.

Confident in the quality of its products, Securlift offers a two-year guarantee.

Securlift is characterized also by a strong environmental awareness.


The product Securlift is characterized by a state-of-the-art technology with European standard.

The R&D is made up of the best European engineers and technicians and equipped with a modern laboratory that reproduces all components of a quadruplex system.

The know-how in the electrical and IT fields is constantly improved with training courses and cooperation with selected suppliers and university bodies.


Our customer service, reliable, efficient and polite supports customers during all stages of the sales.

Our highly qualified staff ensures efficient technical assistance during each stage of the start-up, installation and maintenance.

Training courses for our customers’ technical staff are regularly held at our headquarters.