Absolute positioning system

Limax is a shaft positioning system with an accuracy of 1mm for speed up to 10 m/s and shafts of 260m.

The principle of magnetic measurement ensures a high strength of the system and makes it insensitive to smoke, heat, humidity and dust.

The integration with the Secur3 through serial communication CAN bus makes the installation and use very easy.

Individual floors can be set directly from Secur3 keypad .

With LIMAX SAFE it will be possible avoid using a large number of mechanical components and subsystems previously provided in the shaft.

Maintenance and troubleshooting will be also simplified.

iLift Web App

The iLift – Web App allows an easy and intuitive configuration and monitoring of the elevators with Securlift control panel.

The controller can be remotely accessed by any Internet connected device: Smartphone, Tablet, Pc.

The system runs on the data connection of the GSM device provided for emergency calls: therefore, no need for additional hardware or SIM card!

The controller communicates with the GSM device trough CAN-bus connection.

The application allows following functions:

  • Monitoring of the elevator status (alarm history; car position, direction and destination; door status; safety circuit; drive commands, etc.);
  • Registering and execution of lift calls, controller reset, Out of Service function.
  • Installation management for each customer;
  • Access to monitoring can be set for different collaborators, with programmable restrictions;
  • Generate a diagram of the car speed (in combination with the Limax absolute positioning system);
  • Alarms notifications on multiple email addresses.

Wireless Control Panels

For special systems, such as inclined lifts, you can transmit the control signals from the controller to the cabin with wireless device with safety degree SIL3.

This solution helps the installation and reduces maintenance; for example, no need of travelling cables between controller and car.

Securlift offer custom developments on request.