Universal gateway

GSM Universal UMTS gateway for voice and data transmission with only one SIM.


4G.VoLTE CAN is the 4G LTE/UMTS/GSM universal gateway with DB-9 connector for data transmission and SMS and e-mails forwarding. 

The brand-new 4G.VoLTE is a device that, connected to a fixed telephone or to the PSTN input terminals of a PABX or autodialer, allows you to make and receive calls over the 4G LTE/UMTS/GSM networks.

VoLTE means Voice over LTE, the fourth generation net for Internet access, delivering calls over 4G by means of the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture.

Among the many advantages: utmost speech quality thanks to the superior bandwidth used for conversation; the most innovative and long-lasting service, even after the 2G/3G phasing out; overcoming any issues related to the DTMF protocols’ transmission; integration with Wi-Fi; handling voice calls and data connections simultaneously.

4G.VoLTE CAN  is equipped with a serial port for fdata transmission in standard RS-232, RS485 or CAN-Bus. Comes with back-up batteries, adapter and antenna with metal base.

4G.VoLTE CAN allows the highest simultaneous Voice & Data transmission  ad alta velocità over LTE with fallback over 2G and 3G, the parameters’ programming and reading  via SMS/QR-Code, the SMS and e-mails forwarding for notifications.